I heart the UN

Sorry all of my fetish friends into the whole S&M scene. The UN looks down upon what you are doing via their Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 4.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.


very sad news

Andy Hallett has passed.

I had met Andy at Dragon Con and had the occasional conversation with him. One of my favorites was on a street corner heading back to the hotel. But this is sad news especially this being the anniversary of the death of Brandon Lee. So it seems that this day will continue to be a black day for a little while longer.


Watchman Review

I knew going into the film it was going to be a water down version just for the fact of the stuff they said they had already taken out. I mean the motion comic is 5 hours long and this was only roughly 3 hours. I was fine with that. I mean it is a movie and changes need to occur, just like the ending, and I am not ruinning anything there most people know it was altered. I am not going to say how.

I had such high hopes for the film as the credits rolled. It was really cool the way it was done and I was hell yeah Zack nailed it. I was wrong. And like I said before it wasn't because of it being watered downed, it was just because of bad film making. Don't get me wrong it had its moments that I loved, but over all I was disapoint especially with some of the cgi, it was painful sci-fi channel cgi at times for me. And the acting was only so/so.

I am going to see it again hoping that I am going to like it better. I really want to like this film but I can't. At least not now. I think what did it to me was the slopy film making. Because I guess 300 vs Watchmen are two different animals even though they were both comic films. Zack didn't make me film the epicness here. I would have like to have seen Peter Jackson do this. Because this was a LOTRs type of film for me.

But I have to say that was the closes thing to a Blue Beatle Movie I will ever get and it really rocked.

I might talk about this more after seeing it again. But you are better off spending your time and money on Fanboys and not Watchmen.